What is the Bitcoin Trading Group?

It´s a membership team, created to revolutionize Bitcoin trading. In a highly competitive multi-billion dollar market to which only a few have access to, namely high-frequency algorithmic trading, Bitcoin Trading Group’s approach is developed by a specialized team of trading experts, bringing the opportunity to anyone to participate in the very lucrative world of  automatic Bitcoin trading. Participants can reap the benefits of this sophisticated approach – namely, make money from automated trading – while having little or no skills in the trading world themselves.

Let’s face it, interest rates have been in a general downtrend for more than two decades. Today’s extremely low rates may be great for borrowers, but those low rates make it very difficult to earn a substantial passive income. Finding an investment that pays handsomely is more than difficult.

The best investment profit from traditional sources such as certificates of deposit or high-dividend stocks, is in the low to mid single digits per annum. If you’ll consider making money through hft trading, then you open the door to what many describe as the Best Investment ROI, bar none.

Our HFT trading system is consistently delivering daily and weekly profits that exceed the yearly returns from traditional investments. Check our actual trading results, and experience the profits of a World-Class, Automatic BTC Trading Bot for yourself.