Hypothetical 1-Year Trading Potential

The Power Of Daily Compounding

Einstein compound interestAlbert Einstein once stated, “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.” We are firmly in the former group he speaks of, those who understand and earn it. We also want to help you do the same.

Tap Into The 8th Wonder Of The World

As we have shared in our trading results, we’ve been consistently earning daily trading profits between 0.54% and 2.97%. While 1% daily profits may not seem very lucrative at first glance, the following illustration will demonstrate how much you could potentially earn if you use those profits to tap into what Einstein described as “the 8th wonder of the world.”

Hypothetical One Year Trading Profits, Compounded Daily

The following example is purely for illustration and is not in any way a guarantee of any kind. Please read and understand our disclaimer and terms. This is purely to help you see the power of daily compounding your trading profits. We are going to assume that you start with 1 Bitcoin in your trading account. We trade Monday through Friday, and will assume 20 trading days per month.

Multiply Your Bitcoin

Bitcoin Trading Profits Compounded Daily
Bitcoin Trading Profits Compounded Daily

Listed below are the hypothetical figures on how much you could multiply your Bitcoin by simply adding your trading profits to your trading account each day to experience the wonder of compounding:

Start:      1 Bitcoin
Month 1:    1.22
Month 2:    1.49
Month 3:    1.82
Month 4:    2.22
Month 5:    2.71
Month 6:    3.31
Month 7:    4.04
Month 8:    4.93
Month 9:    6.02
Month 10:   7.35
Month 11:   8.97
Month 12:  10.95

Turn $1,250 Into $32,850 In One Year

Using the above hypothetical example, if you purchased one Bitcoin today and placed it into your Trading account, rolled your daily profits back into your trading account each day, and assuming that Bitcoin goes to $3,000 one year from now – a conservative forecast in our opinion – you could potentially turn $1,250 into $32,850 in one year.

We agree with Einstein, the 8th wonder of the world indeed.

If you want to earn it, join us today.